Work History

Our sales and marketing rely on word-of-mouth and interest generated during educational sessions as a source of leads. Organizationally we are 1099 based (again retired Oscar and Kraft employees). Software support people are our only full-time employees.


  • Substantial and varied in-depth project experience with industry leaders and Fortune 100 Companies
  • Supply chain experience from process through delivery
  • Plan, execute and integrate logistics, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation projects
  • Perform operations assessments and improve methods, quality, productivity, material handling and reduce total unit costs
  • Provide project managers and leadership to complex business situations with successful programs
  • Floor operations training programs
  • IT support
  • Network services
  • Application development
  • Corporate Experience

    Oscar Mayer Foods

  • Implemented national third party distribution network
  • Developed and implemented product specifications to manage shelf life and code date rotation and recall
  • Developed and implemented transportation systems for shipment planning, routing guide, load tendering, rating and payment
  • Developed and implemented new purchasing applications and procedures company-wide, including KPIs for vender performance
  • Developed and implemented company-wide WMS and inventory management for all raw material, work-in-progress and finished goods
  • Implemented Uniform Code Council (now GS1) standards and bar codes. An Oscar Mayer/Kraft associate went on to become a Vice President with GS1; on retirement, came back to work with ROME.
  • Kraft Foods

  • WMS vendor selection
  • Developed, implemented and supported WMS application (MATRICS) to support the Kraft “one face to the customer” strategy
  • Responsible for business practice and systems for 123 locations across the U.S.; plants, buffers and mixing centers
  • Implemented 15-30 sites a year with new practices and WMS application. This included existing sites and many new “greenfield” locations. Moving to a “greenfield” location required shutting down old locations. All dates were set in stone based on commitments to customers and unions.
  • WMS integration to automated storage and retrieval/automated guided vehicle systems
  • WMS integration to ERP
  • WMS integration to transportation management system
  • Common business practices and master files
  • We hit all dates, budgets and business KPIs for service levels, productivity and inventory accuracy, plus reduced our install process cost by 20%
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