ROME Service Systems

ROME Systems, Inc. is a comprehensive service provider of customized supply-chain solutions to small and large (Fortune 100) food companies. ROME’s team of experienced professionals has a proven track record of designing, implementing and managing solutions tailored to specific company needs in these areas:

  • Industrial, Mechanical and Maintenance Systems Engineering
  • Manufacturing, Distribution and Operations
  • Warehousing, Inventory Management and Logistics
  • Integrated IT and Computer Systems
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources and Professional Job Placements
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Training and Certification
  • Designing and Assistance in Implementing Protocols, Procedures and Performance Benchmarks
  • Temporary Managerial Support
  • Identification, Location and Definition of Supplier / Vendor Relationships
  • We at ROME Systems have the ability to expand or contract our significant network of business professionals to meet the needs of our clients. ROME excels at customer service, creating leadership and value for our clients based on years of successful experience at all levels of supply chain management.

    Pricing for ROME services and solutions is based on an initial joint assessment, defined project scope and benchmarks and estimated ROIs. Pricing is either on a fixed-bid (deliverables, cost and timeframes) or time and materials basis.

    What sets ROME apart from other supply-chain resources is our ability to meet project needs on time and within budgets. We know how to service our clients because we’ve been there.

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